Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI)

Mountain Leader Award

The Instructor Awards provide comprehensive assessment for individuals working as instructors privately or at mountaineering centers. The awards are primarily concerned with candidates’ ability to run MDT courses and assessments in line with the organisation’s requirements.

Requirements prior to assessment:

Must hold or will be assessed additionally against at least the SPSA, ASA, RCL and WGL awards.


4 days

The assessment covers:

  • Syllabus of the RCS Course
  • Syllabus of the WCS award
  • Syllabus of the AS award
  • Syllabus of the SPS award
  • Syllabus of the MPS award
  • Checking of prescribed minimum experience requirements
  • Teaching methods of the syllabi
  • Assessment process and standards of MDT Awards
  • MDT administration
  • Personal climbing ability:
    • Lead a multi-pitch traditional rock climb (no. of pitches: ≥4 at grade:≥17) with at least one assessor accompanying the climb.
    • The climb must be completed in good and safe style and the assessor may at their discretion ask for certain safety or rescue skills to be demonstrated.
    • This practical examination must form part of the overall assessment and may not be by-passed.